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The methodology we use is born from study and practical experiences on the field. From research into the most appropriate learning models to optimise the teaching of players and the synergies created between them to improve the collective performance of a team. From the analysis, evaluation and constant observation of each practice carried out. 


It is not something static or closed, it is a dynamic and lively work that builds itself every day. It is not a question of proposing a method and working on it with different groups in the same way. The main objective is to optimise the players' abilities by means of a training model that allows them to interact with each other so that they understand the game and all the factors involved in it better. To create contexts that are close to reality and that stimulate the player as much as possible. 


We look for the constant improvement of the player, we do it through the tasks and exercises, since we think that the best channel for the improvement is a training that provokes the resolution of problems on the part of the player. Each game situation has a reading, an interpretation and, therefore, an execution that comes predetermined by a previous significant learning and decision making. With the training we look for the experience and living of the greater number of situations that optimize the sportsman and that make him understand the reason of the actions that he makes within the game.  

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