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When a door closes.... He quotes the well-known phrase, others open. In my case, we can say that the door that closed left a window ajar, a small crack that sooner or later would open again completely.

That's how it was, I never dressed as a player again, I didn't feel it inside, I lost that intrinsic motivation that pushes you to train and be trained, I stopped feeling the passion to enter the field and perform actions that I didn't understand.

In the doubt, in the reflection of yes it had been worth it or not, I found the answer.

We are building ourselves up as we walk, based on the experiences that we have managed to transform in a reflective way into meaningful teachings for our life and our profession.

My time at the University was key. In my first year I met a Master, an exceptional person who tries to give meaning to everything that happens in the field. He looked beyond and while he was looking, I appeared. I was a student of the first course of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, and I was moved by the passion of being able to understand how the human body worked in the face of every stimulus and how to train it to obtain better results. Was that all? Not really.

I was mainly curious, disappointed, had just stopped playing and had no motivation. Well, whoever has a good teacher always finds a good reason to make an effort and learn. I am grateful to Antonio Solana for being my first teacher, and for unconsciously awakening in me the passion for teaching football

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